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Working From Home Isn't Going Away Anytime Soon

Join this one hour Livestream "The 8 Essentials of WFH" to effectively integrate work and home life in a way that is sustainable for you.




Manage Your Schedule


Avoid Burnout


Be More Productive

This One-Hour Livestream is Perfect for Anyone Who Is…

  • Experiencing virtual meeting fatigue

  • Struggling to maintain harmony with housemates

  • Falling short of work goals

  • Feeling burnt out

  • Disillusioned with working from home

  • Having trouble managing their schedule and time

  • Trying to balance life and work at home

  • Just. Can’t. Stop. Working

Make Working From Home Sustainable - Even Enjoyable! 

Working from home successfully doesn’t happen by accident. You need the right awareness and the right approach.

This Livestream Will Help You...

  • Transform your WFH environment

  • Gain more control over your schedule

  • Improve your productivity

  • Gain awareness on emotional health

  • Prioritize life-giving habits

  • Integrate work and home life in a sustainable way


Sarah Baldwin  Research & Content Development Lead at BME Services

Elizabeth Davies  Research & Content Development at BME Services

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