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How to avoid becoming what we all hate

You have probably had the experience of working alongside or under a micromanager, someone that supervises and criticizes even the smallest aspect of your daily job. Most people agree micromanagers hinder personal performance and growth, which ultimately impacts organizational goals...and yet, micromanagers remain.

Too often we assume micromanagers are “others”, a personality trait we’re immune to. But, the reality is everyone has the capacity to micromanage, even you. It starts with the belief that you ultimately know better...and, ironically, you’re probably right. You didn’t get promoted for nothing, you know how to do the job well. But that was your old job, now it’s time to consider the demands and needs of your leadership position.

So, how do you avoid becoming the very thing you hate? Delegate.

That’s where it all begins. Delegation gives you the opportunity to change your own perspective in tangible, transparent ways. It forces you to entrust the work to your team, and enables you to take the role of coach. These three tips will make all the difference as you begin to delegate this week:

  1. Evaluate your concerns. What fears hold you back from delegating more? How would you act differently if these fears didn’t exist?

  2. Delegation is a spectrum. There is no one size fits all approach to delegation. The goal is to have everyone working independently, but each person requires a different approach.

  3. Ask for feedback. Your team may know best what support they need, so invite their input and adjust accordingly. By doing so, you’re more likely to empower, rather than belittle and overwhelm.

Micromanaging is not only draining you personally, it’s frustrating your team. It stifles curiosity, inhibits trust, and hinders growth. Thankfully, you can change. By intentionally delegating, you ensure your team feels supported and empowered as you work toward a common vision.


The BME Team

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