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Future Proofing Your Talent Pool

Synergy, the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of your parts, is essential for any great team. It’s not spontaneous, but instead the result of care and deliberate action. Every team is made up of unique positions, each which utilize different skill sets or play a special role in the goal of the team. But as any great sports team will tell you, it’s not only about raw talent, it’s about the hard work of developing and shaping that talent.

Regularly assessing your leadership bench is an indispensable practice for all leaders. Ultimately, it allows you to remain proactive throughout the daily challenges and opportunities to come, rather than reactive to unexpected transitions.

  • It gives you the clarity and knowledge to confidently act when unexpected transitions and challenges occur.

  • It allows you to play to the organization's strengths as you make decisions in regards to promotions and hiring.

  • It gives you an opportunity to address weaknesses before an unknown crisis or situation forces your hand.

In that spirit, here are three tips to help you assess your leadership bench.

1) Evaluate each leader’s current fit using the three C’s: Culture, Competence, and Character.

2) Be honest in your assessment and include input from those closest to the action.

3) Identify rising stars that have the potential for greater leadership if given a more substantial investment.

Regularly assessing your bench is a vital practice for all leaders that allows you to leverage your current talent pool against the everyday demands of business.

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