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The Difference Between a Clever Statement and a Driving Vision

You’ve taken the time to clarify your organizational vision, but how do you live it out in a way that is motivating and impactful?

It may be easier than you think. First, let’s address a misconception. Over communication or over emphasis of your organizational vision is not possible. Read that again. You may feel like you’re repeating yourself, droning on, or bemoaning the point...but it’s vital that you take every opportunity to bring your organizational vision to life.

The secret sauce is in how you communicate your vision. This is the difference between a clever statement and a driving force. It’s not enough to infinitely repeat it at every meeting or plaster your vision on every conceivable document. You need to find ways to weave it into the very fiber of your organization. The good news? It’s not about doing more’s about elevating what you already do.

Start by highlighting stories- Where do you see vision being lived out in the everyday actions of your team? How can you share these stories with your team to encourage and make the vision a tangible part of daily life?

Make it personal- Highlight stories and circle back to vision in your group meetings and one on one encounters.

Re-imagine the mundane- Vision needs to be cast even in the most tedious places, such as job descriptions and standard operating procedures. Consider how your vision is uniquely accomplished within a specific role or process and embed that within the very foundation of your organization.

By elevating the work you’re already doing, you can capitalize on the driving force your vision was intended to be.

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