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How to Reimagine Your Business Post COVID-19

3 steps you need to take right now to emerge stronger. It's not too late.

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"Wait and see" is hurting your business..

You've read the articles on strategic thinking. You know that decisive action is crucial at this time. But for some reason, you still don't have a clear direction for your business, you're stuck in neutral mode, and you're not sure if your business is in a position to succeed post crisis.

It’s tricky. And it’s starting to make you wonder if you will be left behind in the "new reality."

There’s three steps you can take to get on the right track. Mike Schubert and Mark Tovell will unpack those steps on this webinar. And the great news is — you will make real progress on your new strategy during the session itself.

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This Webinar is Perfect for Anyone Who Is…

  • An organizational leader, entrepreneur or an executive on a management team

  • Looking to reimagine or retool their business for the future

  • Not simply hoping things will just "work out"

  • Looking to avoid the pitfalls in a post-COVID world

  • Wrestling with how to lead with confidence in the uncertainty and disruption

  • Unsure how to capture the benefits of this crisis

  • Desiring to build a resilient and innovative organization

  • Needing outside perspective and guidance

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Mike Schubert  Founder of Telunas Resorts and Partner at BME Services

Mark Tovell  Partner at BME Services

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Guiding Leaders to Build Unstoppable Organizations

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