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Get Your Team to the Top of Their Game

We facilitate team development that helps you build a rock solid, high trust team that effectively leads your organization into the future






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How Solid is Your Team?

  • Do teammates have each other's back, no matter what?

  • Are there unresolved issues that keep popping up?

  • Do standards quickly slip, or do you consistently need to push for excellence?

  • Do they keep commitments even when it hurts?

  • Does your team prioritize results ahead of individual accolades?

  • Are difficult issues swept under the rug, or do you have open and constructive communication?

  • Are you a group of individuals focused on your own departments, or do you operate as one team?

Our Team Facilitation Process 

has everything you need

to get you and your team operating at the top of your game

How Can We Help You?

Schedule a Meeting

Describe your current situation and your ideal outcome: 

What's not working?

How do you want your team to look?

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Determine the Best Approach for Your Team

Drawing from years of experience

working with executive teams,

we create the right development roadmap to move your team forward

Build a Rock Solid Team

Build a cohesive, high trust team that effectively leads

your organization into the future

"We had some underlying trust issues in our executive team.

BME led us through a process that addressed these in a constructive way

which eventually led us to be more aligned on the core business strategy."

Ted Martynov, former CEO - Solar Home

What Makes Us Different?

A group of high powered individuals does not necessarily make a high powered team.

How do you build high trust on a team? How do you get your team interacting in a way that doubles or triples the value of the sum of the individuals? How do you get your team holding each other accountable to exceptional performance?

Get Your Team Flying High

Imagine if...

  • You attain killer results AND enjoy working together

  • Your team has razor sharp focus on what matters most to your organization

  • Issues are quickly voiced and ideas sharpened, as iron sharpens iron

  • Personal egos step aside, giving first place to team results

  • Your team doesn’t settle for mediocracy, but pushes each other to be better

  • You have each other's back, no matter what

The Leadership Team Makes or Breaks the Company

It might not be an easy journey

but taking the first step isn't difficult

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