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Unite & Fight

Organizational consulting that gets your people moving in the same direction and fighting for what matters most to your long term success
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Are Internal Challenges Holding Your Business Back?

Any of these sound familiar?

  • People don’t know why their work matters

  • Teams operate in silos

  • Company values are just statements on a wall

  • 20% of people doing 80% of the work

  • Turnover is higher than you'd like

  • You find yourself using the carrot and stick for motivation

We bring the guidance you need

to overcome these challenges and get your people moving in the same direction

Schedule a Meeting

Describe your current situation

and your ideal outcome: 

What's not working?  

What do you want your organization to look like?

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Determine the Best Approach

We bring the experience and expertise to create the right roadmap to move you forward. 

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Build an Unstoppable Organization

As the organization aligns, everyone starts moving

in the same direction

and fighting for what matters most to your long term success.

What Makes Us Different?

The leader of an organization does not have a straightforward job description.


How do you set direction in a compelling way? How do you get everyone engaged, united and moving towards what matters most? How do you intentionally develop people while at the same time consistently delivering results?

"As an expat leading an organization in Southeast Asia, there is no roadmap to guide you through the situations you will experience. BME became a trusted advisor who helped me navigate these uncharted and difficult waters with confidence."

- Tim
GM of a Global Manufacturing Company in Indonesia

Imagine if...

  • You held a clear and compelling vision for the future 

  • Teams actively collaborated

  • People all the way down your organization lived out your desired culture

  • Your on-boarding process had people contributing from day one

  • You engaged and kept your best and brightest 

  • You had more than enough internal candidates to fill key positions

  • Your people were so motivated you had to ask them to slow down

  • You could ensure your business endures through the good and bad times​

Don’t leave organizational health up to chance

Successful leaders know that healthy organizations don't happen by accident

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