Language Matters

We are here to help you succeed in learning the Indonesian language and culture through interactive, fun classes with top-notch teachers.

Language and cultural understanding are essential needs for expatriates living and working in Indonesia. Our dedicated and experienced national teachers teach from their hearts and with a love for their language and culture.  They understand that adult learners want results, and the classes consist of equipping you with the tools necessary for you to master the Indonesian language.  Much of the language learning consists outside of the classroom as well, as the teachers give you opportunities to use what you have learned in class out in the community.

Language Programs

Professional Classes

These classes are designed for professionals who need to be able to do language around your already busy schedule. Units 1 to 3 are covered in these classes.   The recommendation for a succesful language learning experience in this program is 4 hours per week or more. You can decide how many hours total you want to learn and how much of material you want to cover based on your needs. 

Intensive Program

This program is designed for people who are planning on living and working long term in Indonesia.  This is a full-time schedule containing 7 language learning units.  Each week of a unit consists of 12 to 16 hours of learning inside class and an extra 24 to 28 hours of learning outside of class, where learners practice the language in the community.

Language Splash

A fun two to four hour introduction of Indonesian language and culture.  This will get you started off on the right foot, as you learn about key cultural issues that are important as you begin to work in Indonesia, and key phrases that will help you as you meet your Indonesian neighbors and coworkers.