We specialize in improving the involvement of all stakeholders in the process of organizational change and organizational development.

Organizational Development has many definitions; BME Services takes the latest research and techniques of behavioral science and applies them to the improvement of “strategies, structures, and processes that lead to organizational effectiveness” (Cummings & Worley, 2005). No two organizations are the same and thus BME Services is committed to come alongside you and your organization to diagnose the problem, design an appropriate intervention response, and coach your organizations’ leadership through the implementation of that plan.

Translation, Editing Services, Relocation Services

Language Services

Indonesian language programs are available through our company. We offer classes for Indonesians to learn English and for expats to learn Indonesian. Our teachers are the best around and we are able to offer both private, small-group, and large group classes in both languages.

Document Translations

Translation services of documents from English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English are professionally accomplished through a process of utilizing native speakers of both languages to ensure an accurate and readable translation.

Relocation Services.

We can help organizations successfully transition their expat managers and families into their new life in Batam. We are able to provide a host of services that include orientation, cross-cultural training, cross-cultural adjustment assessments, and ongoing support services.

Our Service Approach

By presenting integrated services, we address your people’s work ethic, goals, team, business culture, and strategy with training that is appropriate to the company and position.

  • We come alongside clients to understand and see their unique situation.
  • We engage and go deep to diagnose the organization or specific problem.
  • We utilize a process of reflection and feedback to develop an intervention.
  • We bring the plan into action and help organizations find a voice to implement change.
  • We provide tools and training to be an organization marked by continuous improvement.